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We are Ken and Elva Pflug - a blended family of 9, 3 grown kids with kids of their own and four at home.  We are growing our family through foster care, there are so many children who need a good home and good family role models.  We use essential oils to help the emotional wellbeing of our kids.

Ken is a Fire Chief and I am a stay at home mom, entrepreneur and an Army Veteran, and our passion is helping others.  We love our customers and business partners.  When you partner with us, you have our support every day to help you make your dreams come true.

Essential oils are an important part of our lives. We have taken control of our health in a natural way, using the gifts of the earth that God has provided.

We are so proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful, caring company as doTERRA. DoTerra always partners with the communities of the growers to help provide the much needed assistance, like in Guatemala where schools and dormitories were built .

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